It all started with an idea.

A Mixtape. I was brainstorming names for a title and I wanted the name to be catchy and simple yet embody my artistic vision. One day while combing through some old family photos I realized...

A photograph of a little curly headed boy in the arms of his beautiful young Mother, who was wearing a short Afro hairstyle. At that precise moment, the words "Afromentals" came to mind.

Afromentals went from being a Mixtape series, to a mix show on Sirius XM, a party, and now a way of living.

The designs of Afromentals are inspired by talented people we meet all over the world. Our emphasis is on showcasing the unique talents of artists and their interpretations of the influential Afro culture. 

The brand itself is taking off and emcompasses graphic t-shirts and accessories for both men and women. We also will spotlight featured artists and the Mixtapes that started it all.

Stay Tuned!